Stephen Kronstein  
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Stephen has run in three previous elections, once each at the civic, provincial and federal levels of government in the city of Richmond, British Columbia.

He served as the chair of the Richmond Greens, and president of the Delta-Richmond East Green Party of Canada Electoral Distric Association.

Moving back into Vancouver three years ago, Stephen is now hoping to be a positive addition to Vancouver's political forum, where he is the BC greens' 2009 candidate for MP in the Vancouver-Point Grey electoral district.


2001, GPBC
Stephen ran for the BC greens in 2001 as the candidate for MLA in the Richmond East riding.

2002, RG
Running for mayor in 2002, Stephen was the candidate for the Richomond Greens.

2004, GPC
Stephen represented the Canadian greens as the candidate for MP in the Richmond riding during the 2004 federal election.